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  • 5160 5044 2833 5513
  • 5389 7575 7441 8179
  • 5291 6290 5557 2666
  • 5103 9873 9656 2434
  • 5455 1016 7434 0802


  • 4556 1180 9860 1503
  • 4929 7040 3583 6441
  • 4556 6987 7794 6204
  • 4916 8233 2001 6686
  • 4916 9020 7228 3742


  • 3757 7907 9135 022
  • 3788 8437 4494 129
  • 3796 4490 1692 481
  • 3474 4923 8071 816
  • 3476 7037 7817 830


  • 6477 8441 8852 3676
  • 6011 8057 1066 5486
  • 6011 5398 0688 5837
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  • 6471 6509 6318 1929

Top 10 Tips to avoid heavy debts in credit cards

If you are reading this article, you are already in debt or are close to it. One way to avoid heavy debts is to cut off your card, but then you’ll lose the privileges that come along with it. The best way is to use the card as needed and pay the interest every month. Here are a few pointers that can help you benefit from your credit card for a long time:

1. Budget your Expenses: Prepare a monthly budget as per your income. Spend only on those things for which you can pay by cash also. Giving in to temptation is easier but it’s wiser to only spend on things you can afford.

2. Pay Interest every Month: There cannot be enough emphasis on this point. Never miss a monthly interest payment and try to cover the balance also every month or at least once in 2 months

3. Limited number of Cards: Keep a tight hold on the number of credit cards in your wallet. The more cards you have, the more probability of debts. If few cards have lesser interest rate and more facilities, try to close the others.

4. Do not Share Credit Cards: As much as you trust your friends n family, it is extremely unwise to share credit card. Not everyone will use it as budget plan. You will end up paying more interest on used credit.

5. Know your Rewards and Terms: If you are not aware of the terms and conditions of using rebate or reward points, you might end up paying more rather than less. Stay alert and don’t be fooled by numbers.

6. Choose Lower Interest Rate Cards: Different card issuers have different interest rates. Research well and get yourself a card that has lower interest rate and yet offers rewards and offers.

7. Transfer Balance: You must transfer balance from one credit card to another only if there is a noticeable lower interest rate. Don’t use balance transfer as an excuse to payment. You’ll end up increasing your debt in one card and worsen the situation.

8. Funds for Rainy Days: We all want the biggest plasma screens and latest gadgets, but not all electronics and accessories are affordable. Ensure that you always have emergency funds for days when you could not resist your temptations.

9. Use Cash when high on debts: If you have not paid your balance for more than 3 months, it’s best to start using cash instead of bulking up the debts. Using cash will give you a reality check and also the opportunity to save for paying off the debts.

10. Set a Credit Limit: When you get a new credit card, set a credit limit on the card with your card issuer. This will keep you informed when you have reached the limit and you won’t find yourself buried under unpayable debts.

If you are already in knee deep debts, try to make a payment plan with your credit card issuer. This will help you lead a normal life and will also make a better reputation with your creditors.

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