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  • 5503 2074 7476 4968


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  • 4539 7133 1897 3658


  • 3720 7330 5318 351
  • 3782 2274 9873 067
  • 3479 9332 3056 117
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  • 3738 7014 9173 317


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6 Great Tips to make the most of rewards and offers on Credit Cards

If you are looking to treat yourself with free shopping from your credit cards reward points, remember, there are ‘no free lunches’. With credit card companies offering endless reward points, offers, no subscription fees and other incentives on their card, there is too much temptation to ignore. However, you must remember that signing for such bonuses can end up in more financial trouble. To come out as a winner in race of getting more for less, here are a few useful tips:

1. Do Not Ignore the Interest Rate: Most credit card companies offering great rebates and discounts have higher interest rate. If you opt for a card that has a high interest rate, you’ll end up paying more every month than saving from the reward points. Choose a card that provides lower interest rate along with other perks.

2. Choose a Card you need: Different card companies have different kind of rewards and incentives. For example, there is no use of choosing a card that offers cash back on airfare if you don’t fly much. Instead a card that offers rebate on groceries or gasoline is more useful to you if you spend most of your monthly budget on it. So, analyze your requirements before choosing a card.

3. Don’t Try to Outsmart the System: If you are planning to get a few credit cards with signed bonuses and cash backs only to dump the card after getting the benefits, think again. These card companies are much smarter and have many ways to protect themselves. For example, cancelling card might leave you with a tainted credit score. You can also forfeit any other rebates and cash back offers.

4. Avoid Impulsive Decisions: Buying a credit card over the phone by listening to a telemarketer is a huge mistake. Take some time and do your research before you sign up. There are online tools available for free that let you compare various cards and their offers in alignment to your general requirement. Buy a card if it adds value to your financial budget.

5. Keep Track of those Reward Points: You earn reward points on purchase of groceries, gasoline, calling cards, travel, restaurants and many more services. However, most of these reward points come with an expiry date and some cards also offer reward points that can only be used for pre- defined goods and services. Keep track of the points you earn and also keep updated information where you can use those points for maximum advantage.

6. Stay in Touch with your card company: If you signed for your card with 2% rebate on groceries and 1% on gasoline, check again in a couple of months. Credit card companies keep the right to change the terms of rewards and rebates with themselves without informing their customers. It’s your responsibility to keep a check on changing terms to reap most benefits.

Enroll for cards that are beneficial to you from all perspectives. Check for annual fee, interest rates, late fees and other penalties before buying a card. By being watchful and spending wisely, you can actually make a credit cards rewards program work for you.

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